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Yellow tooth brush with toothpaste

Five Steps in Five Minutes: The Daily Mouth Routine

STEP 1:   Scrape with a tongue scraper for 10-15 seconds

STEP 2:   Rinse with CloSYS or ProFresh (chlorine dioxide mouth rinse) for 60 seconds.

STEP 3:   Brush with a preferred (non- abrasive or non-whitening toothpaste) or ClinPro5000 as recommended, for 2 minutes, and floss thoroughly.

STEP 4:   Rinse vigorously with Listerine for 30-60 seconds.

STEP 5:   Rinse with Act 0.05% anti-cavity neutral sodium fluoride rinse for 60 seconds.

Use Xylitol based gum throughout the day.

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