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5 Fun Ways to Welcome the Tooth Fairy

For generations, the Tooth Fairy has left a small gift for children who tuck fallen baby teeth under their pillows. This charming tradition is the perfect time to help kids learn more about taking care of their teeth. Here are 5 delightful and inexpensive ways for families to welcome this magical sprite. 1. A receipt for

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soda drinks

The Truth About Sugary Drinks and Your Smile

Sweetened beverages have become a treat that many Americans have every day. The truth is that these drinks are not healthy, especially for our dental health and smiles. Everyone has harmful bacteria in their mouths that eat the sugars we consume. The bacteria get energy from the sugar, but in the process produce acid. The

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5 Weight Loss Tips That Are Also Good for Your Teeth

If you’ve decided to lose a few pounds after the New Year’s Eve ball drop, you’re not alone. Weight loss is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions made every year. Making smart food choices, paying attention to portion size and exercising are the steps you can take to shed pounds, and these changes

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Action for Dental Health Act is now law

Washington — The Action for Dental Health Act, legislation aimed at improving oral health and access to oral health care, is now law. President Donald J. Trump signed the bill Dec. 11. The final bill passed Congress Nov. 28. The ADA, which has championed the Action for Dental Health initiative since 2014, applauded the bill’s passage.

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How to Medically Manage Your Mouth: Optimal Home Oral Care Guide

First and Foremost: Don’t Ignore Blood in the Sink! Blood means that inflammation is present, and that there is an avenue for bacteria to enter your bloodstream. Inflammation is commonly caused by high risk, disease-causing oral bacteria. Your Mouth is Like a Fish Tank Chris Kammer, DDS, past president of the American Academy of Oral

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Yellow tooth brush with toothpaste

Five Steps in Five Minutes: The Daily Mouth Routine

STEP 1:   Scrape with a tongue scraper for 10-15 seconds STEP 2:   Rinse with CloSYS or ProFresh (chlorine dioxide mouth rinse) for 60 seconds. STEP 3:   Brush with a preferred (non- abrasive or non-whitening toothpaste) or ClinPro5000 as recommended, for 2 minutes, and floss thoroughly. STEP 4:   Rinse vigorously with Listerine for 30-60 seconds. STEP

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