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How to Medically Manage Your Mouth: Optimal Home Oral Care Guide

First and Foremost: Don’t Ignore Blood in the Sink! Blood means that inflammation is present, and that there is an avenue for bacteria to enter your bloodstream. Inflammation is commonly caused by high risk, disease-causing oral bacteria. Your Mouth is Like a Fish Tank Chris Kammer, DDS, past president of the American Academy of Oral

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Five Steps in Five Minutes: The Daily Mouth Routine

STEP 1:   Scrape with a tongue scraper for 10-15 seconds STEP 2:   Rinse with CloSYS or ProFresh (chlorine dioxide mouth rinse) for 60 seconds. STEP 3:   Brush with a preferred (non- abrasive or non-whitening toothpaste) or ClinPro5000 as recommended, for 2 minutes, and floss thoroughly. STEP 4:   Rinse vigorously with Listerine for 30-60 seconds. STEP

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